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Controlled by Printing SA, PrintSecure is one of two security printing standards and accreditation bodies in South Africa offered to all South African printers and suppliers of security products seeking acceptable accreditation and certification locally, and in Africa.
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Printing SA has developed a set of guidelines and standards for security printers. General/qualified accreditation will apply to those printers supplying general security products like certificates, diplomas, ballot papers and tickets to name a few. What's more, our accreditation provides print clients with the confidence, fidelity and security of dealing with approved, certified printers who have complied with a strict security checklist and audit, which is evaluated and updated annually.

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PrintSecure accreditation is intended to provide government tender boards and other tenderers, purchasers, procurement agencies, manufacturers, retailers, end-users and consumers with the assurance of dealing with bona fide security printers and suppliers who have been accredited to internationally aligned standards, thereby eliminating the need for individual risk assessment and accreditation.


The PrintSecure Standards and Accreditation Scheme makes provision for the risk assessment, inspection, consultation with, and accreditation of security printers and suppliers of security documents or materials used for the production of security documents, located in Southern Africa.

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There are four categories of security printing under the PrintSecure Standards and Accreditation Scheme

High-Security Printers

Any company or business printing banknotes, drafts, other negotiable or high-risk documents or products, travellers’ cheques, passports, visas, identity documents, pension or medical identity documents, drivers’ licences, firearm licences, credit or debit cards, bond or share certificates and similar valuable documents.

(This category is not covered by PrintSecure.)

General /Qualified Security Printers

Any company or business engaging in security printing of any nature not enumerated above such as, but not limited to: transport, function, theatre, sports or events tickets, diplomas or certificates, examination papers, confidential documents or questionnaires of any nature, branded products, pharmaceutical products, aeronautical, automotive or other parts, safety products, traceable products or packaging, government documents, ballot papers, registration papers, discount or gift vouchers, documents or receipts, agreements or contracts, invitations, function, exhibition or congress ID documents or cards, other licences or enabling certificates or documents of any nature requiring verification etc.

Suppliers of Security Paper, Ink and other Materials

All suppliers of the above products are eligible to apply for accreditation and/or membership of the scheme.

Purchasers and Distributors of Security Products

Bulk purchasers of printed security products, procurement agencies wishing to subscribe to the rules of the PrintSecure Scheme and parties benefiting from the scheme may affiliate to the scheme and apply for accreditation where these parties provide secure storage, further processing or distribution of such materials.

PrintSecure Application Procedure

Once the joining fee has been paid, the criteria will be sent to you to cover both physical and documentary requirements
dependent on the specialisation you require.

PrintSecure Accreditation Procedure

The accreditation is based on the physical security aspects of your facility, and written company policies and procedures including HR, CCTV surveillance, third party security, transport, receiving, destruction process, and monitoring. In many cases, your normal business policies and procedures can be expanded to accommodate the security processes. Furthermore, you will be required to undertake a risk assessment as described in the PrintSecure documentation that will be provided.

Once you contact PrintSecure regarding the readiness of your relevant plant(s) physical, along with the necessary documents, you may be sent a pre-accreditation compliance questionnaire. Any pre-accreditation compliance information will be assessed by PrintSecure and further questions, comments or recommendations will be made before the inspection.

Benefits of PrintSecure

  • The risk assessment undertaken by the company highlights all areas in the business that are at risk
  • Policies and procedures are put in place with the consent of top management
  • Clients are assured that they are dealing with bona fide security printers and suppliers
  • Implementation of the PrintSecure criteria ensures high levels of security throughout the business unit(s)
  • PrintSecure audits are undertaken on an annual basis to ensure continued compliance with the rules and standards